It’s time for a giveaways and since you have been so nice to me and have liked my art and references, why not give free art and references as prizes!!

how to participate:

  • like and reblog this post
  • must be following me

what you can get

  • 1 waist-up, traditionally-inked, digitally-colored picture like the one above, plus the inks only version!!
  • 1 reference sheet of the same character you choose for the picture including sketches of the head, or accessories, or whatever i can think of, from various angles. Likes the ones in the photoset plus more stuff!
  • the character you choose for the drawings can be an oc or an existing character, any character.

I will choose a winner using a random number generator

the giveaway ends on August 5th at 00:00 UTC


Im angry im angry all my saves keep.disappearing on skyrim and I just jad to deal w ith hours of intense family idiocy and I litterally want to cry I had so much done today on that game and now I feel like I wasted a day and I want to cry


My bf bought skrim and weve been playing but last night when he was playing it crashed and deleted my saves and



Dyed my hair because…..ehh fuck it. It’s super blue in bright light. Room has shit lighting so…??

….I should be working on stuff for Otakon fuck

Hot friend




reblog and follow me for a chance to win

a PIZzA!! from dominos

so u can celbrate my birthday via PIZZA with me on my birthday

requirements: like pizza and live near a dominos


my birthday is august 29th i will literally buy you a pizza


Its just I have work tommorow. I can not be in extreme pain and not able to breath. Sam had to give me some of his sleep medecine so I didnt wake up in the middle of the night crying in pain and im just laying im bed slightly proppdled up and it hurts


My chest hurts so bad I dont want to get up but I need to go through some clothes to take to savvers amd I wantes to move the desk some and do the laundry and the dishes but im just in pain


1ttybittykitty tagged me in post to post 6 pictures of myself where I think I look good so here. These are all from the past year

Anonymous: are you a steel type gym leader b/c your pokemons' nicknames can't get any more metal A+

Are youba fire trainer because that joke was ON FIRE and super effctive against me as a steel trainer uwu


My current team im x is so unbalanced im angry at myself

My team is as follows:

Nathan the pancham (fighting)
Toki the zigzagoon (normal)
Swkisgaar the furfrou(normal)
Williams the cubone (ground)
Pickles the scraggy (dark/fighting)
And vanushka the quilladin (grass)

Im thinking ab switching vanushka out for a pelliper so it can ultimately learn fly/surf/waterfall and other than that toki knows cut and rock smash??? Idk though such an unbalanced team it hurts me but I LOVE MY METAL TRASH BABIEA